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Discount Carpet at 1529 Ridgewood Ave. in Holly Hill Florida was founded in 1975 and soon earned a reputation from the local community for supplying residential and commercial carpeting and vinyl at the absolute lowest prices while providing great service and guaranteed installation.

In 1995 a second location was added at 1717 Ridgewood Ave. called Discount Quality Flooring.
At this location higher end carpet, laminates, hardwoods and ceramic tile are offered, still, at below retail prices with the same great service our customers have come to expect from the "Purple Buildings".

ZDiscount Carpet and Discount Quality Flooring

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Company Profiles

Dereks Tom - About Us - Discount Quality Flooring - Holly Hill, FL
Derek Toms | Store Manager

Known by the nickname Limey because of his British heritage, he became a US citizen in 2007 and has lived in Florida since immigrating here with his wife Cath in 1989. He started in the flooring industry in England in 1973 as an installer and has decades of experience in all types of flooring products. He has been the store manager for Discount Quality Flooring since 1995. If you just need materials and some help in learning how to install your new floor you can rely on Derek to show you how it's done. He's been known to sharpen his pencil and get his customers the best price in town so stop by the store.
Jerry Neal - About Us - Discount Quality Flooring - Holly Hill, FL
Jerry Neal | Sales, Measuring and Estimates

A native Floridian, Jerry lives with his fiancé Joni in scenic Oak Hill and enjoys the outdoor life, boating and catching shrimp. An ex marine with a memory like a steel trap, he knows a lot about everything and will be happy to explain it to you. He always has a "wonderful day" at Discount Quality Flooring and he will do his best to make sure you have a "wonderful day", too!
Pete Vasilaros - About Us - Discount Quality Flooring - Holly Hill, FL
Pete Vasilaros | Sales, Measuring and Estimates

Born and raised near Pittsburgh , Pete is now enjoying everything the Sunshine State has to offer. Despite being a die-hard Steelers fan, and not as brilliant as his older brother Steve ( an attorney) but a much better golfer, Pete will be happy to give you advice on how to improve your game and tell you his "tip of the day" (widen your stance, eye on the ball, follow through ) that sort of thing. For questions on flooring, see Ryan below.
Pat Vanic - About Us - Discount Quality Flooring - Holly Hill, FL
Pat Vanic | Customer Service, Accounts

A transplant from Erie Pennsylvania, Pat is the person you need to talk to about money matters, such as our "6 month same as cash" financing. Best to come in really as being able to lip read helps her hear what you're saying, bless her!
Ryan Greenbaum - About Us - Discount Quality Flooring - Holly Hill, FL
Ryan Greenbaum | Sales, Measuring and Estimates

Our VP, so officially our boss, Ryan is also a Florida native and is married to Terrie, proud parents of Sawyer and Teagan. Ryan can be reached Monday thru Friday at the local golf course . So you can get all your questions answered, along with a free second opinion ( from Pete,who most likely you will find with Ryan) at the 19th hole.
Bing - About Us - Discount Quality Flooring - Holly Hill, FL
Bing | Customer Relations

Derek's dog and ex-resident of Halifax Humane Society . Will happily greet you at the door and will expect a treat every time you visit. Otherwise he will go into full attack mode and quite possibly lick you to death!
Bruce and Dorrie Greenbaum - About Us - Discount Quality Flooring - Holly Hill, FL
Bruce and Dorrie Greenbaum | Owners of Discount Carpet #1 and Discount Quality Flooring

What can I say? Bruce, a great golfer, bowler, a true gentleman, Dorrie, also a great bowler, wonderful cook and a lovely southern belle. Who could ask for better bosses? (well,what did you expect, I do need to keep my job!) Bruce doesn't have email but you can try calling him on his cell phone.

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